Thursday, January 30, 2014

let's try this again

Hi! My name is Ash and I am starting up this new blog to hopefully motivate myself to be more active in the real world. This year has started off with joining a gym (cliche I know), starting a new semester of my dental assisting program, and striving to put my purchases to good use (which I am slacking). I would eventually like to review beauty products and invite you into my life when things get interesting. At this time, I do not have digital camera so until I get one the majority of my photos will be from my camera phone. I grew up on livejournal and tried my hand at blogger before but this time I would like to put my writing to good use in something other than talking about my drunken escapades. I turn 26 on Sunday and don't really have big plans other than that my mother is visiting me. I am excited in the fact that I finally get to visit the Jacksonville Zoo and I get to spend some time with her. My boyfriend is currently working in Louisiana so I won't get to celebrate my birthday with him until he returns next week. I look forward to making some new blogger friends and figuring out better ways to blog on my journey!!!